Our philosophy

Our fundamental philosophy is to build long-term relationships. Our credibility is based on our knowledge of the business, the products and many years of international experience. And we know what is required of an efficient organization, dealing with necessary formalities and respecting the culture and traditions of the countries involved.

We also have the financial resources to conduct our business in markets where administrative routines are not always predictable nor the credit situation being stable. Personal contacts, confidence and local knowledge enables us to generate good deals for both suppliers and buyers. Finding practical solutions is part of our day-to-day business.

Esswell is a lean organization where everybody knows each other and what each staff member handles in each contract. To our partners, that is a great advantage – information and support are just a telephone call away. That way we put a human touch to our trading!


We are certified according to both FSC® and PEFC standards. Please find our certificates below.


Want to sell?

We act as your prolonged marketing resource to the extent that you want us to. That means, for example, helping you find costumers for your new production line, filling out your seasonal variations or seeking new markets – even the difficult ones. If you want us to, we take care of all logistics, also to peripheral places. And when it comes to financing, we make sure that this too will benefit you – with total transparency, we build a long-term relationship.

Your partner!

Esswell is since a long time well-established in Africa, the Far East and Europe. We are used to travel in most countries south of the Sahara, in West Africa, Indonesia and China. With offices in Sweden and Poland we consider Europe our local marketplace.

We offer each client beneficial contracts and financial packages, deliver what we have agreed upon, solve any conflicts without delay and maintain a continuous and personal contact. You will also benefit from our export documentation services, and when it comes to insurance, including the financial ones, we take care of that, too.

Want to buy?

It is difficult to achieve growing market shares in the leading African paper markets without good relationships, not only to costumers but also to financial institutes. Especially within unstable markets where unexpected political changes tend to be the normal condition.

However, our clients in these countries are true entrepreneurs and most of them manage to adapt to these, sometimes, difficult circumstances. To these and all other clients we are a useful partner.

We at Esswell focus on constantly improving our own risk management. This does not only include credit risks but also factors like currency fluctuations, transport risk etc. One result is that we always insure every part of the trading chain from production to delivery.

Besides Swedish law and order in bookkeeping and audit by authorized public accountants, we proudly refer to our rating by Dun & Bradstreet (DNB). We use a SAP system to manage our business operations and customer relations. For transparency, we gladly show our account on request.


Personal contacts, confidence and local knowledge enables us to generate good deals